Beginners Corner

Welcome to the world of swing in Kansas City! There are many ways to enjoy swing in Kansas City, from swing dances to blues bars, to bars and clubs around the downtown/westport area. For some brand new to dance, a great way to get started is in group classes. Group classes a inexpensive and social way to learn the basics while meeting people in the scene, and learning more about the dances. Once you get your basics under you you’ll probably want to continue with group classes as a way of improving technique and learning new concepts/moves, but you may also seek other way of improving. Becoming a better dancer is usually dependent on 3 different types of learning.

Group Classes
Groups classes are great for learning basics, learning commonly used patterns, picking up tips on basic technique, learning styling, and drilling patterns.
Private Lessons
Private lessons are usually where we get quality input on dancing. It’s where you get the personalized tips that can take your dancing to the next level. Private lessons are where most dancers get quality dance input personalized to them.
Dances are what we’re here for. They’re fun, they’re social, they’re how we enjoy music and dance. They’re also where we practice the techniques we’ve learned elsewhere and make them our own.